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The following downloads are made available in various formats.- MS Works, Word, Rich Text or HTML. These are a collection of different works sure to edify and educate the serious truthseeker. Some of the topics covered may be controversial yet are neither intended to be offensive nor divisive. Please review the topics then press the Title text to be translated to our FTP download directory to download the item. Check back from time to time for new additions - You'll be glad you did!

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Books and Texts

A Critical History On the Sabbath And The Sunday In The Christian Church - by Abram Lewis, Seventh day Baptist, in the year 1903. The Sabbath question has had a prominent place in the religious history of our race. It is to-day, though much ignored by some, and treated vigorously with narcotics by others, one of the questions which still demands recognition and solution. The actual history of the Sabbath is not well understood. The earlier centuries have not been carefully explored even by religious teachers. Much has been taken for granted, where the facts are unknown. We ask a full and careful re-examination of the whole question. Final results may be ignored for a time, but they will compel recognition. The facts of the first four centuries destroy the foundation on which Puritanism rested its "Sunday Sabbath." ~NEW~

Americans Warned Of Jesuitism - Or "The Jesuits Unveiled" by John Claudius Pitrat, a member of the University of France; founder and ex-editor of the journal "La Presse du Peuple" in Paris; and formerly a romish priest. JESUITISM is a monstrous machine of destruction, which, its spring being in Rome, its wheels everywhere, moves the world. Entered, according to Act of Congress, in the year 1851, in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the United States, for the District of Kentucky.~NEW~

Easton's Bible Dictionary - Zipped bible dictionary for download. Electronic text file is public domain.

Ecumenical Movement For Unity: A Call for Awareness in the Churches of God- Word document from our own site by Kenneth Hoeck pulling back the veil on the ecumenical movement toward a one world religious attitude. Also includes the addendums Guarding Your Mind (against NLP/hypnosis) and a copy of the wicked Jesuit Oath.

Foxes Book of Martyrs-  Classic book captured in text files which can be viewed with any editor. A history of the lives, persecution and death of the early so-called Christian and Protestant martyrs. A self-extracting zip file.

Flavius Josephus- Zipped collection of works by the first century Jewish historian as translated by William Whiston.

Fifty Years in the Church of Rome- detailed self-account of Catholic priest, Charles Chiniquy and his friendship with Abraham Lincoln, conflicts with the Roman Catholic Church, the Vatican, and the deadly Society of Jesus.  Details the Jesuit plot to assassinate our 16th President. ~NEW~

Has Time Been Lost? - Text article by Herbert W. Armstrong on the subject of how to know that the seventh day sabbath is from Friday sunset to Saturday sunset.

History Of The Sabbath And the First day Of the Week - Seventh Day Adventist J.N. Andrews 1873; The history of the Sabbath embraces the period of 6000 years. The seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord. The 4 acts which constituted it such were, first, the example of the Creator; secondly, his placing his blessing upon the day; and thirdly, the sanctification or divine appointment of the day to a holy use. ~NEW~

History Of The True Religion - Revised A.N. Dugger text detailing a Sabbathkeeping church history from 33AD to 1900's. Published in 1936.~NEW~

Is Popery The AntiChrist?  "According to St John, he who denies the Father and the Son, this is the antichrist ... the line of the Roman Pontiffs, by their own blasphemous assumptions, and by their system of legalized falsehood and corruption, utterly opposed to the spirit and design of the Gospel, have denied what is revealed of the Father and the Son; therefore the line of the Roman pontiffs is antichrist."  This article was excerpted from Appendix "L," Page 367, of Patrick Fairbairn's The Interpretation of Prophecy, 1864 ~NEW~

King James Bible(part 1) - Zipped HTML text files Genesis through Deuteronomy

.King James Bible(part 2)- Zipped HTML text files Joshua through Job.

King James Bible (part 3) - Zipped HTML text files Psalm through Malachi.

King James Bible (part 4) - Zipped New Testament HTML texts.

King James Dictionary What are beeves? What's a thither? Over 800 archaic words and phrases found in the King James version of the Bible are defined by this program. To my knowledge this is the only freeware version of such a program. This is the full program, it's not stripped down.

Sabbath Pack -  Zipped file containing :  many Roman Catholic and Protestant Confessions concerning Sunday and Sabbath, including the famed Rome's Challenge (Catholic Mirror), and The Catholic Record. Also includes Sabbath Histories and excerpts from "The Chart of the Week" by William Jones which proves the knowledge of Sabbath was widespread through the languages and cultures. One zipped Word Document. ~NEW~

Satan's Great Deception - Zip file. Edited version of Dr. C Paul Meredith's story as published in the Plain Truth magazine in segments beginning in 1959.

The Bible Story - Basil Wolverton's full six volume series of Bible stories written for older children but contains much understanding for the adult reader. Complete with introduction by Herbert W. Armstrong. Text only version zipped into one file.  (The error of the gap theroy is promulgated in this text but it is presented unedited for its other valuation. Please use discernment.) 

The Order of the Skull & Bones -      Article about the secret fraternal order of the Skull & Bones to which many prominent people such as George Bush belong. Copies in MS Word, Rich Text Format, MS Works format all zipped together in one download.

The Early Writings Of Hebert W. Armstrong - A self-extracting compilation of many articles written by Herbert W. Armstrong. (Doctrine concerning a Monday pentecost presented here is in error to scripture.Please use discernment.)

The Witness Of the Stars - An edited version of E.W. Bullinger's book about the Mazzaroth. Modern astronomers have preserved, and still have in common use, the ancient names of over a hundred of the principal stars which have been handed down; but now these names are used merely as a convenience, and without any reference to their significance. This work is an attempt to popularize this ancient information, and to use it in the interest of truth. ~NEW~

The Two Babylons or the Papal Worship  - The often quoted and very revealing book by Alexander Hislop zipped into a compact file.

True Jews: Good Figs/Bad Figs -  Transcribed sermon by Harold E. Cormany, minister of the Church of God at Arizona delivers an eye-opening detailed account of the captivities of the tribe of Judah. Who were the Pharisees? Were they truly from the tribe of Judah? Who was Edom? Download this zipped RTF file as discover the truth for yourself. 

Truth Triumphant  - The history of the Waldenses, Albigenes, Church of the East, Sabbath-keepers in India and China, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, British Isles, and more. One of the best Sabbatarian Church history books available!

US and Britain in Prophecy -     An uncopyrighted version of Herbert W. Armstrong's "United States and Britain in Prophecy." This file in MS Word Format, Rich Text Format and MS Works Format all zipped into one file.

Wide Awake Romanism - They stood on the fact that America was founded a Protestant Christian nation a faith which knew the Catholic Church as the 'Mother of Harlots' and the Pope as Anti-Christ. The Know-Nothing's cry for action went unheeded by the public of his day as do most warnings against Catholicism today. This book tells an accurate view of Roman Catholicism in early America. This 1854 manuscript is in the public domain.


Computer Games for Fun and Learning (kids & adults too!)

Journey- Guess the order of the Ten Commandments - the right answer takes you one step closer to the promised land.

Fruit of the Spirit- Catch the different characteristics of the fruit of the spirit for points.

Moses Match Up - Concentration style game. Match the cards.

Sword of the Spirit - Space Invader style game where you use the Sword of the Spirit to vanquish evil.

Proverbs Screensaver- "Proverbs Illustrated Volume 1" Free Screen Saver Volume 1 - Verse from Chapters 1-16. All digital art screen saver taken from passages from the book of  Proverbs. Win 95 Thru XP - File Size 4.58 MB EXE

Proverbs-A-Day Size: 29803 bytes (30Kb) Proverb-A-Day displays a random scripture reading from the book of Proverbs (KJV). Operating Systems: Windows 3.1, 3.11, 95 - or set the file to be compatible for 98, XP.

Bible in Mind "Bible in Mind" is an exciting DOS computer game for 1 to 6 players, summoning up your memory and knowledge of the Word of God.  Guess the Book, Chapter, and Verse of a presented scripture for various levels of points. 566K

Fiery Darts: fd2win.exe- Fiery darts of the wicked come from both sides as you manuever your saint to pick up randomly placed items (fruit of the spirit, armor of God, etc.)

Bible Weights and Measures A program to convert weights, measures, and money in the Bible to their present-day equivalents.



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